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Converting T pg/ml to nmol/L

Ive had labs done at 2 different labs and they use different metrics. Id like to be able to compare the results against each other.

Can you tell me how to convert 330 pg/ml to nmol/L ?
My T numbers were 330 pg/ml, and 4.5 nmol/L

How can i compare? thanks. this forum rocks.

Even with labs using same units, two samples taken and the same time will be different.


FT ranges can be insanely different.

thanks for the link Ksman, but that converts ng/dl to nmol/L, i need pg/ml to nmol/L

I havnt been able to find a calculator that does this, maybe im missing something?


Lol. You need to convert picograms to nanograms then use the formula ksman linked. 1pg=0.001ng