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Converting MPEG Files?


I'm just about finished filming my first horror short and I find out my friends video recorder records at MPEG4. Okay, not a big deal but then my friend informs me that we need to convert the MPEG 4 into an MPEG 2 file.
Not totally sure why we need to do that, but he's the director...

So, how the hell do I do that? Does Sony Vegas have this capability?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Download and install "Any Video Converter", it's opensource software can can basically convert from any video format to any other video format. It's incredibly simple to use so you shouldn't have much trouble with it.


JLu, is it free and where can I get it at?


MPEG2 is what a DVD uses, so it's probably for that reason.

Super will do it. It has a DVD option for doing the conversion which ensures it will be a valid file.

It's a bit quirky (long anti-virus check on startup), but quick to do the conversion.


Thanks Mattlebee I'll check this out!