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Converting From Westside to Sheiko

Hey guys, I have a meet April 5th, which leaves me with 6 weeks of training. I’m thinking of trying Sheiko for my meet prep, however from reading up on Mr. Talmant’s Sheiko introduction, they’re four week cycles. Is there any way to troubleshoot?

I wouldn’t bother completely switching everything only 6 weeks from a meet. You aren’t going to get any benefits from it. The Sheiko meet prep tapers are typically 4-5 weeks so you don’t even have enough time to run a preparatory cycle.

To prep for a meet you need the nine weeks. The first four week phase is very high volume followed by the five week prep. The prep increases the intensity and decreases the volume to recover from the prior block.

The first time I did Sheiko was before a meet and it wasn’t the best idea. To make Sheiko work for me, I had to manipulate the assistance work.

I went from westside to sheiko and it was a shocker. Stick with your current set up for another 6 weeks, then switch after the meet.

Danjo228 is right, but take this to heart…

Sheiko is meant to be manipulated. People have the idea that every template they see must be done verbatim. You can do sheiko verbatim and THEN change it according to what needs the most work.

Good luck.