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Convert Quicktime to Windows

Hi folks,

Can anyone out there help me, I need a quicktime movie converted to a windows format. If anyone out there can help me I would appreciate it, thanks.


Why not just install Quicktime for Windows? It’s free on the Apple website.

First convert it to avi format, (you’ll need Qicktime Pro) this is video format. Take the avi and convert it to windows using Movie Maker (free in XP, look in accessories).


Quicktime is the Mother Format. If your viewer can’t see it in quicktime, they don’t deserve to be watching.

search for “convert .avi to .wmv” on sourceforge.net

Lots of good options, just pick the one that looks best for what you need. You don’t need quicktime pro to do it. It’s actually pretty dumb to pay for something like a simple conversion these days, there’s a lot of user-friendly free stuff around.