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Conversion Shake addition!

T-folk for those of you who know about my “conversion shake,” tried it, and feel like I do about the flavor(bland)? well try adding some sugar free-fat free jello quick mix in there. The butterscotch flavor is incredible with vanilla flavored protein. I love it now and actually look forward to it no matter how freakin full I am.

Nate Dogg, I know you were wondering how it’s working for me, well to say the least, it’s freakin incredible. I still eat close to and sometimes more than 4000 calories a day at 160lbs now. I started bulking about eight weeks ago, the first month I started at 153lbs. and shot up to about 158. Well it was mostly if not all FAT. Since bringing in my “conversion shake” four weeks later I know weigh 160lbs. and the pinch of fat on belly is a lot smaller. I eat basically the same crap over and over, the only difference is the use of my conversion shake. Also, since adding it, remember it does not replace a meal-it simply goes inbetween meals, so calories are even higher than the first four weeks. Seriously try it and give it some time and you’ll be just as happy!

Da Boxer


I didn’t read the thread where you talked about your conversion shake and I was wondering if you could provide a bit more info. I remember you mentioned it was high in protein, low-carb and low-fat. So, what is in it again? And how long do you take it after your last P+C and how long before your next P+C?

Example: I normally wait 2 hours betweeen meals. Therefore, I have my conversion shake 1 hour after my last P+C meal which is an hour before my P+F meal. Something like that? Thanks bro.


I usually wait 2 hours between meals. Every morning I have two p+c meals, usually 1.5-2 hours after the 2nd I consume the “conversion shake” then 1-2 hours (usually 1.5 hours) following that I consume a p+f meal.

as far as what it’s made up off:
1/2 scoop - Hydrolyzed whey
-MG Development sells a hydrolyzed protein
1/2 cup cottage cheese
-nonfat Belfonte(13g pro, 2g Carbs)
1.5 scoops low-carb grow
-Biotest of course

I realize this mixture can be a hassle scooping up all these different products, but I ain’t lazy and I CARE! Hope this helped you Brent.

Da Boxer

cool. thanks bro