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Conversion Rate of Testosterone to Estrogen?


I was doing a little research but couldn’t find anything specific regarding the conversation rate of Testosterone to Estrogen.

I just started a 500mg/w Test E cycle along with Var/50mg daily. My question is, how much of the 500mg Testosterone is converted to Estrogen. I’ll give you a little Information regarding my own Test levels as an indicator:

Testosterone: 9.1nmol/L
SHBG: 15 nmol/L
Albumin: 42 g/L
Free Testosterone: 261 pmol/L

As you can see, my Test levels are really low, hence because of this I started TRT, at 1ml, 250mg Sustanon, once every 3 weeks. I have only been on the treatment for a month but then decided, I’m taking anabolics, might as well begin a cycle since I do train and eat healthy. So I started Test E at the doses mentioned.

Really curious as to what the conversation rate is, since my Test is naturally low, will there be a fair amount of estrogen?

I think you are making a mistake jumping on a cycle instead of dialing in your TRT first. You should make good gains from TRT alone for a good 3-6 months. You need to first get your TRT dialed in and your protocol is a joke. First, Sus is a mix of esters making it harder to control E2. Second, you are injecting once every 3 weeks which is a no no. This is further compounded by the fact that you are low SHBG which means you need to inject more often.

Talk to your doc about switching to test E or C. Inject minimum of twice weekly due to your SHBG. A good starting dose is 100mg/wk. You can adjust at 6 weeks after follow up labs. It may take you awhile to get dialed or you may get lucky and get to a sweet spot quickly.

Regarding your original question, nobody knows your conversion rate. Everybody is different. Yes it will aromatize. No, your current T levels are not an indicator of how much.


:arrow_up: what he said. 100%.

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Brother, what you said, is what I’m doing. The Dr was the one that insisted once every 3 weeks. Obviously I know it’s a shitty dose, hence the reason I got Test E and began weekly injections. Everything you said, I do. Just instead of 100mg weekly, I inject 500mg weekly.

There is no way on gods green earth that I was going to make “sweet gains” on 1ml every 3 weeks.

I think you missed the point

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