Conversion kits?

I have been using liquid B-12 to mix my Finaplex , use it daily for a cycle of 4 weeks,40 grams daily.My question is, Why use a conversion kit? I break up the tabs and mix them with the b-12 as I stated, They are chunky, But get the job done?
Is there a reason as far as results?
Appreciate any suggestions

hmmmmmmm, that doesnt sound to safe, just mix it up and chunky? I can picture the infection now, ewwwwwwww.

ummm isnt b12 an injectable? you dont seriously expect us to believe that you are injecting pieces of fina with your b12 do you? i doubt even an 18g pin would let “chunks” through. not to mention what would happen with the binders and such if you could even get them into your muscle. something is wrong with this.

18g pin. That makes me shudder. My first cycle, I used 20g for the majority of it. I still get the heeby jeebies thinkin about it.

yeah I remember using a 20g and feeling and hearing the tissue tearing. wow that rhymed

I used to start to stick it in, and it was like pushing a toothipick into your ass. I would just pray that it would break the surface any second.

dude what are you using the b-12 and the 18g for? just order a finaplix implant gun. ive seen them for as low as $9.95. what a bargain!

If someone reads that and uses an implant gun, please post your experience.

oooooooooh, now there’s an idea. I am going to order one now. I may finally be bigger than a cow.

I am going to be the only one to really answer your question. You use a conversion kit because you want to EXTRACT THE TRENBOLONE AND LEAVE ALL THE BINDERS BEHIND. There are other reasons such as STERILITY FACTORS and PROPER DOSING. Dude, I cannot believe you are really doing this shit to yourself but hey there have been people out there that inject peanut butter into their veins because it makes their heart flutter, the people that have felching sessions, and the oh so famous let’s make a mold of our lovers ass with concrete… so needless to say, you are not the only one doing really stupid shit in this world but your name has been added to the list. Sorry. You can however get it removed immediately and redeem yourself by saying you did not know any better and you will begin to use conversion kits immediately. Just my opinion, I doubt you are getting enough Tren to do any good by the method you are using either.

18g? wtf thats what i use to inject marinade in to my turkeys before i deepfry and they scream.

gobbles lmao!!!

“Dogs”… you two gotta chill… its every post now.

Now that shit is funny. Anybody who has ever deepfried a turkey knows how big that fucking syringe is.

what a fucked up thread. i think this is the first time i have seen the words “heebie jeebies” put in a response. lmao. this board seems to have gotten funnier over the last couple of months. its kind of nice.

No Shit man, I just drop two tabs between two sheets of paper, Mash it up, dump it into a 18 or 20g, draw the b12 up, let it sit overnite, and BAM!
didnt feel a damn thing! Buit one of you is very right! I did not know better,I raise livestock, and the damn bulls dont bitch a bit, so I figure if them dudes can hannle it,So Can I!
I did get results however, I dropped a lot of fat, and gained some lean mussle My Body mass dropped,But you are proballyu right, I would probally see a lot more gain if I dosed correctly.
I had decided to order some raw stuff, adn mix my own! LOL
After reading all these threads, I guess Im not too set on that one anymore!
the Clomid I had got is the liquid injectable kind, On my post, I did not specify that, and someone told me how to dose with the tabs.
can you tell me the amounts and length of time I need this.
I dont have tits yet, Just dont want them either, Not on me anyway!
I want to jumpstart my nuts too, Using fina killed my sex drive!
Ever tried to F with a limp dick? LMAO

Yeah, you would. And typical dosages are 75mg/day or 150mg/eod

Just order a conversion kit. It’s cheap and easy

Liquid injectable?

That info is very easy to find. Typically 300mg/day 1, 200mg/day2, 100mg/day3-14, 50mg/day15-21…That’s how I run clomid usually. Some people do it longer, and different dosages.

Dude, you don’t know what you’re missing. Everyone’s gettin tits nowadays. It’s the coolest!

[quote] Using fina killed my sex drive!
Ever tried to F with a limp dick? LMAO [/quote]
No, because I’ve done my research and wouldn’t ever do that to myself.

a quick question: if you grow tits, does that make you gay?

just a thought to ponder…

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