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Conversion kits- Cont.

This is the description on the Clomid I ordered. The question that was posed on the board made me wonder… It it not normal for clomid to be an injectable?
My Thread:the Clomid I had got is the liquid injectable kind
Thread from reply:Liquid injectable?
This is the description from the site I ordered it from THe site is (P&P) (For short)

50mg per ml – 50 ml vial USP 24 grade clomiphene citrate suspended in water. For research purposes only. Not for human use.

Sent out with an independent third party analysis

End of description.

Is this not an injectable?
Appreciate all your answers and suggestions.
Nice to ba able to ask someone that has already been there.


ORAL ONLY. 1 ml contains 50 mg clomid. In general, you have a 50 day supply.

I’m no expert in “research-grade” medicine, but if it’s clomid suspended in water you should just be able to drink it, no need to inject.

It didn’t mention anything about an ester, so I’d draw what I needed into a syringe and squirt it in my mouth.

exactly. you drink it bro. between this on the fina pellets i am surprised your alive.


drink it!!! its nasty as hell, enjoy.

drago1…that was pretty funny!!! LMAO!

damn, i thought i had some problems.