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Conversion kit vs human grade

Which do you prefer with regards to Tren (and I am speaking of pellets not powder)? Certainly Human Grade would seem to be easier on the system, yet it is more expensive.

However, given how cheap conversion is, if there weren’t drawbacks, everyone would get their Tren this way.

I read a post where the individual stated the solvents in conversion kits were bad on the body, although I thought the solvents were simply BA and BB.

Enough already, you get my point. Just wondering what you guys prefer relative to price, sides, etc.

Im unsure of the question…if you are speaking specifically of finaplix pellets, then there is no human grade. “human grade” doesnt exist for trenbolone acetate. There is higher quality tren available by some ug labs which use the usp grade 24 or above powders. And while some will argue that tren is tren, i still dont like the idea of even a small amount of anything but tren in my oil. Plus, the powder is cheaper than the pellets nowdays.


I probably wasn’t clear. Let me retry.

Let’s take British Dragon Tren. Very good Tren. I call it “Human Grade” because it is not made from Finaplex tablets. But it is expensive.

Finaplex tablets, on the other hand, are cheap and legal (the powder isn’t legal I’m guessing since it serves no vet purpose). While cheap, I would assume some impurities get through, and I continue to read that the “solvents” are hard on the body.

So my question to the Bro’s are, have you had good success injecting tren from conversion kits, or do you simply stick to the ug Tren, even though it is more expensive?

I have had excellent results from conversion kits. True I’ve never tried ‘human grade’ but I haven’t seen real world results that prove it to be better or more safe.

Didn’t Cy write an article fairly recently where he mentioned something called Humatren? I can’t remember the manufacturer or even if this article even exists…

Humatren was produced by GAC/Red Star. It was great but they currently have stopped producing it.

Ah, got it. Well my personal preference is to buy premade “human grade” tren made from USP powder. Its a little more expensive than making your own, but i dont trust myself enough yet =) I do know a few guys who have converted both the powder and the pellets…and while they all liked the powder better, they didnt really have any problems with the pellets. Got good results from both. I think whatever ‘gunk’ gets past the filter is pretty negliagable (sp?)…but for me even thats too much.


i have used quite a bit of both. right now i am using UG tren(GT). quite honestly i am hard pressed to say i notice a difference. i get great strength gains from any form of tren.

I remember getting into a fight with a well-known former member about this…

i think to call any tren product, “human grade” is irresponsible.

Drago1, with all due respect (because you are a real honest Bro), then ‘what the fuck?’ In other words, you haven’t experienced a real differnece between the two. Since conversion is SO much cheaper, why wouldn’t you go with that, vice Golden Triangle? (especially since you have to cut GT due to the high BA content)?

its more due to laziness. funds are not an issue so i find it easier to just pick up 4 or 5 bottles of tren from whatever source i am getting my test,eq,winny,dbol,primo,etc from. that and i like the higher dosing. such as GT’s 125mg/ml. i know home brewed dosing can be manipulated as well but again i really dont feel like spending half day on it. i just place my order. drop the cash. and the goods arrive.

i posted this on another tread but i dont know if it went up…im kinda new to the tren scene. how effective is spot injecting tren? Some friends of mine swear by it and have excellent results. Also how often do you need to inject it. I’m thinking of finishing of my cycle of Deca/dbol with it and injecting 75mg M/W/F for 3 weeks. Would this be effective or would i need to aim for something longer. Looking forward to some replies.

I too am starting to think this “human grade” moniker is not accurate.

With Finaplex, you know you are getting Tren. Using Methyl Alcohol (heet), you can get about a 90% + conversion to pure tren.

That way, you don’t have to deal with fakes, and it is much cheaper.

Spot injections are most effective when the drug being used is NOT ESTERFIED! suspensions are the best because the drug doesn’t have to be released into the blood stream then freed of its esters to be activated. - It is already active at the site! Examples of suspensions would be: ref-B, test susp, and Winstrol-V to name the most common.

I may be wrong in saying this, but there is NO human grade trenbolone acetate anymore. The only 2 products in existince were Finaject and Parabolan, both containing the trenbolone acetate chemical. These were discontinued some 6 or 7 years ago because there was no medicinal use for it anymore. All tren made today in an injectable form is for athletes. Period.

Well, technically Parabolan is trenbolone (as hexahydrobencylcarbonate) not acetate, but lets not split hairs here…