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Conversion Equipment List


I'm trying to put together a list of equipment/items to have for converting/preparing fina to TA and Synovex to TP. I'm having trouble with some items and was hoping to get some help.

List of items needed and know where to get them:
Synovex H
Alcohol swabs
Whatman filters

Items needed or might be needed, but not sure where to get them or what type to get:
Measuring device (graduated cylinder?)

I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what is needed to prepare the solution, but I don't have a good feel, at all, for how to take it from the initial preparation through the filter to a sterile environment and then to seal that container to keep it sterile, nor where to get the necessary sterile vials.

Could anyone provide some feedback on how to do this, where to get the proper vials, or a good place I could go to educate myself on this? And, of course, if you see anything I'm missing, please point it out.




I was going to post something similar as my friend is finally ready to try and make some Tren A. Below is a list of what he has, I think it's more than he needed but wanted to cover all bases.

4 sterile 100ml vials
4 sterile 20ml vials
4 sterile 250ml beakers
benzyl benzoate
benzyl alcohol
300 ml grapeseed oil
5 0.45 micron disposable syringe filters
new, "steralized", coffee grinder

Is he missing anything?


Thank you very much, Brook.


Thank you very much, Brook.


What's the coffee grinder for? What concentration is he planning on making?


I figured he was going to grind the pellets in the coffee grinder prior to putting them in the oil, but that's just a guess on my part.


Yes, he was debating on grinding them up first prior to introducing it into the oil.

50-75mg/ml on concentration, not decided on that either.


I don't see a need for the grinder. I have never used the sonicator method, but- from Bill Robert's description of the process- it seems like the sonicator will take care of the pellets just fine. I break the pellets up with the tip of a syringe- quite easily. The beakers are also unnecessary if using the sealed 100ml vials in the sonicator.


This brings up a question I have on the filtering and vials. If you have purchased sealed/stoppered sterile vials for the final solution, would you filter straight into them in some manner? I'm envisioning the Whatman filter being inserted through the rubber stopper so that the filtered solution is delivered directly into the sterile environment.

Could anyone comment on how they get the unfiltered solution filtered and into the sterile vials?


I pm'ed you an effective method, swda.


Got it. Cheers!