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Converse Chuck Taylors with Mesh Liner/Thick Insole?

I just received the seasonal color coast and noticed there’s an inner mesh liner and thicker insole. Please tell me this isn’t what all chuck Taylor’s are like now?! I don’t wanna feel like I’m waking on a cloud at the gym now and I bet that liner will just make my feet sweat more.

The answer you seek is vans.

Or PF Flyers.

Take out the insole

How dare you suggest something so simple! Lol. I thought about that but I did get use to the smaller insole and that liner still turns me off.

It seems as though the answer is yes they did recently change them though huh. Talk about first world problems. I like the vans but there’s just something about that stupid white vulcanized toe that I like. Guess I’ll look into the imitators.

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Haha I know what you mean

Some of them are meant for cold weather, which would explain the liners and extra sweat. As far as the insole goes, if you’re going from a well-used pair to a new pair, they’ll feel pretty soft. Gotta break 'em in and crush that liner down flat like your old pair and you’ll be golden.

There are some really nice and inexpensive “minimalist” shoes on Amazon that are zero heel and make of canvas with rubber soles. I’ve got 2 pair and I love them. Yeah, they’re not Chucks but they do check the boxes. Look up Whitins Minimalist Shoes



I think that’s what I got also

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Thanks for the feedback. I wore five fingers for years but never did get another pair when my last one wore out.

Also just fyi, after more research the liner and insole change is only in the newer seasonal colors. The originals still have the basic canvas and thin insole.

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I liked my Chuck Taylor’s a lot but they wore out for me too quick. I wore them everywhere

Vibram Furoshiki (spelling?) was probably my favorite shoe. I wore it everywhere. It looks like a goofy sock and people would ask about it, and it was a weird conversation

I did some looking before buying another one tho and found something on Amazon that doesn’t look goofy, will most likely last longer, and is considerably cheaper. Thicker sole than those two, but that’s alright

If I was going to a public gym I would probably get Chuck Taylor’s for that and a Whitin from Amazon for regular wear