Convergent Phase Training

Has anyone out there tried Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training program? I’m thinking of giving it a go in a few weeks, and I want some feedback. It seems to address some of the questions some of you have had recently about program variability vs. continuity. This program lets you keep the same core lifts, while periodically changing your supplemental exercises. It sounds like a great program, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard many people comment on it.

The reason that you haven’t heard anyone talk about this program is that most people seem too busy giving Ian King head to notice good old Charles. Oh well. I have had friends try this program with a fair bit of success. It’s very well thought out. I would give it a go if I were you.
Good luck

That was a good one yo! LOL! I agree, everyone has been on the Ian King bandwagon. Not that he doesn’t have great programs or ideas. But I’ve come to the realization that I need more continuity in my program. I wasn’t make many gains by changing everything every three or four weeks. I had forgotten all about this article. I need to go back and check it out. It may be useful with the program I’m doing now, which is based on Pavel’s ideas (low reps, high weight, more rest, multiple sets and basic exercises).

Wow, that’s weird, I just pulled up that program yesterday and printed it up. I’m finishing up the 12 week Get Buffed program (yes I to bowed to Ian King, but you got to admit his stuff is good) and was looking for a new program. I’m not a bodybuilder but am more intrested in sports preformance, specifically for full contact shoot kickboxing. This program looks excellent. I’d like to hear other peoples feedback.

I’ve been doing something similiar to what your talking about. What I usually do is based around Tsatsouline’s writing. I choose a type of deadlift and type of press depending on what I view as my weaknesses, and add some type of peripheral or supplemental exercises. But I ALWAYS deadlift and press.