Convergent phase training for mass??

I really like the setup of charles staley’s ‘convergent phase training,’ especially the emphasis on heavy deads and presses. i was wondering, however, if anybody could make any recommendations to alter the prgram’s focus from strength to mass. i know a few people on this board have tried CPT, and im wondering if you could make any suggestions, ie, what would be some set/rep protocols?? thanks for the help.

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CPT is without doubt the most productive program I have used, for both mass and strength and I’v been training 20 yrs. First time I used it I did it for 16 wks, fantastic strength gains up till 12 weeks and then strength platued, mass-weight gains good. Second time I did it for 12 weeks and each four weeks changed not only the circuit exercises(as per C.S. recommendation) but also sets and reps, fantastic strength and great mass/weigth gains. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the nice comments on CPT guys…it’s really gratifying to see people making progress as the result of my ideas. To answer the original question regarding CPT’s ability to promote lean mass gains— YES, it is actually better suited for body comp than for performance/strength to tell the truth. Nevertheless, ANY program will result in lean mass gains, providing:

1) You gradually perform more and more work (measured in tonnage) per session...

  1. The work you do is at least 70-75% of 1RM…

  2. You do not exceed your body’s ability to recover from that work (and this is where nutrition fits in…your calorie and protein intake must be sufficient).

Hope this is useful for everyone…

Hi Charles. In a few weeks I am starting a 10 week bulk cycle an plan on useing GVT for about 25% of the program (I have never tried GVT). However, with the GVT I would be useing 60% of my 1 rep max. Do you think that this is too light of a weight for part a bulking program? Thank’s

From my experience, GVT is better for fat loss than muscle gain.