Convergent Phase Training (CPT) Support Troop

Heya T-freques. Anyone out there attempt Charles Staley’s CPT program? If so, what results could I expect to reap from it? Anyone else on it now? BTW, just got a completely KICKASS Cd: Gorillaz, pickitup. lata.

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One of my training partners and I used Staley’s convergent phase training about six months ago and we got great results from it.Our squats, especially.I have been experimenting with a few other strength-training protocols, but, I plan on doing it again in a few months.It is definetely a good program.

I’ve just finished week 11 of the 12 week program. I’ve used squats, decline bench, and deadlifts as my 3 core exercises (performed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, respectively) and altered some of the circuit lifts each time around (for example, I substituted unilateral leg press for step-ups, swiss ball crunches for incline situps, etc.). On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the routine about a 6.5. Overall I’ve gotten stronger, but I don’t feel like low volume per bodypart combined with high total volume per workout is necessarily the best way to go - in other words, I never felt like any individual muscle group got that great a workout, and yet I felt systemically overtrained all the time. I’ve gotten much better results with Ian King’s stuff (well, his leg training series anyway). But good luck!

Give it a try, MB. It’s a nice program for combining strength work with circuit training. I really gained a lot of strength on my core exercises. The only potential downside is that you have to juggle 6 different work stations during the circuit. This obviously can be a problem if your gym is crowded.