Convergent Phase Training advice

I’m starting CPT next week (during a cutting/maintenance Don’t Diet plan), and have chosen Chins (M), Bench (W), and Squats (F) as my three core exercises. I have soccer Wed. and kickboxing Tues. and Thurs., so I thought squats would be best on Friday to give my legs the weekend to recover. Anyone agree/disagree (I am not prioritizing any of the lifts, I’d like to improve all)? Also, I currently do one squat and one deadlift day a week, and don’t want to completely abandon deads for the duration of CPT. When would it be best to work in a few sets of deadlifts? I could include it in the circuit training portion, but was wondering if it might be better to do a few sets after squats or at the end of the Fri. workout. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Let me throw in my 2 cents worth:
I’d vote for a set of deadlifts to finish of your Monday workout.
Your chins are a mid-back exercise (lats) with the arms secondary. The deadlifts, in addition to the work the put toward the legs, would hit your traps and upper back.
If you did the deadlifts at the end I think your arms and back would give out before you overworked your legs. That way you wouldn’t mess up your kickboxing or soccer practice. You’ll have to see. If you find your Tuesday kickboxing falls off too much, I’d encourage you to do the deadlifts every other week and just anticipate going easy the next Tuesday at kickboxing.

Thanks, that’s a better idea than doing them at the end of the week after squats. Anyone have any other thoughts/advice for CPT?