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Conventional vs. Trap Bar Deadlift

Would a large discrepancy between the weight lifted by conventional means vs. a trap bar, aka with the weight in front of the heels vs. in line with the heels, signify a flexibility issue, a weak lower back, or is it just normal?

And by large discrepency I mean about 30%.

Trap bar deadlifts are a whole lot easier than conventional.

When I do it, I feel more strain on my legs (Quads/Hamstrings) than I do my lower back

Seems normal.

Trap bar DLs are very similar to leg press. I used them as a main exercise for awhile and got zero carry over. Not a bad supporting movement if you need more leg work and need to give your lower back a break. I would lean towards single leg stuff for this though.

My trap bar is either going in the dumpster or staying outside with some old plates for farmers walk.