Conventional DL (3 Weeks In)

Conventional DL (90lbs/40kg x 10)
Lifting for 3 weeks already.

Edit: So during some sets I get pain down at the end of spine near glutes, I don’t know if it is actually a low back issue or weak glutes issue. But I noticed when I get the bracing right it doesn’t feel that much pain.

Ok… what’s your future objectives?

Your maths has gone wrong here somewhere my dude.

30kg = 66lbs
40kg = 90lbs

Also: those look like 25lbs/10kg plates, plus some change on either side. Usually you’d list the weight lifted as all the plates, plus the bar weight (usually 20kg/45lbs). So i just earned you a new PR.

Other than nitpicking, what kind of feedback are you looking for?

Strong, Functional and Well shaped.

Edit: To elaborate, I’m planning to run this Strength Program for 2-3 months then depending on results switch to either 5/3/1 program or more of a Bodybuilding style program

I’m looking for some cues to improve my deadlift technique to get the most out of it.

I would start by raising the bar to the height that you’ll be pulling at if you were using the big plates (20kg/45lbs). That difference in plate diameter and starting position can make a difference.

I think it would also be useful to put something measurable behind those goals too.

Oh! thanks for pointing it out, I was frustrated how it is actually calculated.
Also I got a new PR today, (3x5sets 135lbs/60kg) last set amrap reached 10 reps :wink:

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That’s a good point actually! Haven’t thought about it before.
But I don’t know what an achievable feat look like as I don’t know that much yet about powerlifting + I’m ectomorph so I guess I can’t reach really high weights due to my body type and maybe back issues (scoliosis)
So for now I want to enjoy it at these manageable weights and look what future has for me

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All is lost. :roll_eyes:


I think you should avoid setting limitations on yourself so early on in the game. You’ve been lifting 3 weeks, no-one knows what you’re capable of yet, including yourself.


No shit!

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It might be me just trying to protect my ego from going high and injuring myself early on.

Better get injured with 40kg than 340kg.

Just to circle back though: you seem to be putting a lot of barriers, or potential barriers in your own way. Don’t do that.


Good point :joy:. Will keep it in mind for sure.
So moving on to technique, Is there anything I can do to improve it so as to get better activation of right muscles and avoid injury?

Hard to tell because its pretty light for you, but you certainly don’t look in any danger of hurting yourself there to my eye.

Ok, next time I will shoot a video with higher weights and higher camera angle.
I really do appreciate your kind and motivating words bro.
Much love.

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Not a problem dude.

Stick around and start a log if you’d like, plenty of smarter and stronger people than me around to offer advice and encouragement.

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One of the legends from back in the day Lamar Gant could pill 5x bodyweight. He also had scoliosis

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Definitely don’t worry about the body type/ectomorph stuff. It means less than nothing. Those phrases were coined a long time ago and it had to do with psychology not physiology. If you work your ass off and eat, you’ll probably be surprised with what you’re able to do.