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Conventional Deadlift Tutorial Video


What's up guys? This forum appears to have many experienced individuals and beginners as well. I'm looking to call on both levels of trainign enthusiasts to give me some constructive criticism on the format of my tutorial video on the deadlift. If you have time, watch the video and let me know what you'd do differently to improve the quality of the video.




i watched your tutorial and i have a few suggestions.

  • there's nothing wrong with a rounded upper back. in fact, it limits the ROM and allows for more weight lifted. the lower back shouldn't round but the upper back can. many of the stronger deadlifters will round the upper back.

  • you should emphasize the need to shift the weight to your heels. it's a pull not a "pick up". you should pull the weight back into the shins and then the bar should ride up the legs. a strong deadlift is all about leverage. start the lift with the weight on the heels. pull the weight back and then the hips forward to the bar.

  • IMO, the breath should be taken at the top while the body is upright. it's very hard to take the breath into the belly while you are bent over.

  • spend more time on the setup. take a breath, set your hand and then leverage yourself to the bar. don't just passively drop to the bar. one of the best things i ever did was to learn to pull myself down to the bar. doing so puts me in the perfect spot to pull. if you just drop down there's no telling where the hips should start. if you pull yourself down to the bar while while putting yourself back on your heels you will always start with your hips in the proper position. when watching someone pull and their hips rise first it's usually becuase they didn't pull themselves down to the bar. they aren't tight.

just a couple thoughts off the top of my head.


Really like this idea, thanks


Thanks man, I appreciate it!


I have to say I agree with you. I feel like I do that, but there's always things that I forget to talk about because I don't make notes...... note to self; make notes!