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Conventional Deadlift Technique

Hips to low? Too much legs? Any critiques welcome.

Looks like you need to get back a little more before the pull. Almost visualize pulling it into your shins … Then all you’ll have to do is lock it out at the top. Can’t really see in this video but it looks like you’re shrugging it at the top to get it to lockout. Post a video where we can see your whole body, preferably a near-max attempt.

Not bad, man. You just look a little unstable the whole time. Do you do any direct oblique/core work? I think that would pay dividends later on for you.

I agree with the above comment. It looks like the bar never stops moving because youre doing something funky at the lockout. This doesn’t really matter in training but this will get you a redlight in pretty much every federation. Its hard to tell with the video angle.

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Pretty good overall, but maybe hips just a little too low at the start—Watch the video and pause it: check out where you start to pull from and where your hips are when the bar finally leaves the ground on each rep. That will tell you where you are currently most efficient with your hips. You do a good job with overall set-up and tightness, but I think you need more core work for stability (both abs/obliques and lower back).

  1. Way too far from the bar off the floor. Set up close and pull off the heels.

  2. You have no hip thrust at all and that’s why you end up pulling with the traps to lock out.

  3. Your lower back and pelvis are in a funky position.

My bet for the solution would be to strengthen the lower back, core and hammys Your Glutes cannot push what your back won’t hold. Options for the back are romanian deadlifts, good mornings, rack pulls from below the knees, and stiff legs off plates. Hamstrings are some of the above plus high rep leg curls and inverse leg curls. After that a ton of old school situps keeping the back flat to work the flexor muscles.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice guys, i’ve been doing allot of russian curls and machine curls, ill try starting closer to the bar and doing ab work which i never do.