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Conventional Deadlift Form Check

So I never really conventional deadlift that much, wondered if could get some useful feedback on the technique. This is a light weight probably slightly over 50%. I hear people like dave tate say to arch the lower back, is this too much? Any other pointers are very appreciated

Looks fine, but this is only 50%. What does 80%+ look like? One note, keep your head straight at the top.

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I’ll be doing a heavy single some time in a few days, ill try to record that and put it on here, appreciate the feedback

Dave Tate and the Westside guys were all about “arch hard”, which can work and will prevent your back from exploding but it can cause some back pain as well. Nowadays the general recommendation is a neutral spine, or SLIGHT arch, combined with proper bracing this will help avoid back injury and will make the movement more efficient. Your back position looks alright, if it’s not bothering you then there is probably nothing to worry about.

I saw this the other day, you and @aldebaran could try this:

Why are you doing heavy singles? If you aren’t sure abut your technique then this is probably the last thing you should be doing.

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Its not that i think my technique is horrible at all, i just want to get opinions from different people and try to perfect my form as much as i can. I dont feel my technique is so bad i need to change my programming tbh

Until it’s at least 80% or above we aren’t going to see anything unless you’ve got some huge technical breakdown already.

Come back with more footage when you pull heavy next.

Okay so I finally got the footage. Did 1 rep conventional 1 rep sumo. This is at 93% of conventional 1rm, and about 90% of sumo 1rm. What you guys think

Set your lats by trying to pull them down into your back pockets and trying to arch your upper back so that your chest is pointed a bit more forward ( you can think about trying to let someone read your shirt, or nipples forward )

Lastly stop acting like it’s heavy, get tight and give it your all pretending it’s 135lbs.

Just keep getting stronger nothing majorly wrong here at this point.

OK, thanks I will try that lat cue next deadlift session. When you say stop acting like its heavy im not quite sure what you mean, as in my mindset when approaching the bar, or did i physically do something which is different to the lighter weight?

Your mindset. You don’t have to act like a crazy person pre pull but you also shouldn’t be so focused because you’re thinking the weight is going to be heavy.