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Conventional Deadlift Form Check

My deadlift hasn’t went up in over a year despite squat and bench both going up considerably. I’ve gotten better at rep work but anything over 80% is still poor. 1RM is only about 430 for conventional, and 495 sumo.

Does it look like my upper back is too straight and I’m losing leverage because of it? Are my hips shooting up too much? I never miss weights at lockout and I’m weak off the floor, but my deficit pulls ironically feel stronger.

Here’s 360x6: https://youtu.be/CGSBcQV2qHE

It looks like you are overarching your back, which would be increasing your ROM and in general I just find it unnatural and tough to pull that way.

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If you’ve gotten stronger at reps, just not heavy weights, it kind of sounds like you’ve build strength, you’re just having trouble realizing it. It might be a good idea to spend some time doing some heavyish to heavy triples, doubles, and singles. Work in the whereabouts of 85% and beyond.

This. You seem to be slightly overextending your lower back. Other than that it does look pretty solid but seeing a set filmed from a higher angle would be beneficial. Now the plates obscure much of the top of the lift.