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Controversy Over My PWO Shake


Me and a guy at my gym got in a little argument about my PWO shake. He says it has way too much sugar and carbs but i think its just fine.
my stats are 120 and im 5'8.. i know im tryign to gain weight. thats not the issue right now lol anyway
so i though there would be no better place to post this topic than good old T-Nation...

My POW shake consists of
1 scoop whey
1 cup skim milk
1 banana
.5 cup cranberry juice

what is your opinion on this? am i right or is he and should i subtract some stuff and what if any?


It's supposed to be 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. Fructose is generally a bad idea (cranberry & banana) as it's a slow carb, having to be processed first by the liver.


First of all, you've got to keep your eyes on the prize: in this case, to gain weight, right? With that in mind (and considering how small you are) there really is no such thing as "too many" carbs or protein grams, etc.

But for the sake of argument and to get technical (cause guys like arguments and getting technical) you want to ingest at least 30 grams of a fast-absorbing protein (hydrolyzed or isolate) and maybe twice that of simple carbs (not high fructose corn syrup though--check the label of that cranberry juice).


ok i understand what you are saying. but i was told it was best to mix my creatine with a juice such as cranberry.

What are you recommending to substitute instead of the banana and or juice. i have powder gatorade but im hesitant to use bc of the citric acid + creatine debate.

I think im doing okay with the Whey and milk but probably need some help on what your tryign to recommend.


Grape juice is great with creatine. At 5'8 and 120 lbs, honestly I am assuming you are a guy, because I cant tell considering you weigh 120. My sister is 5'8 and weighs about 145-155, and she is in shape, so by you saying you weigh 120 is a damn joke, you should be eating more protein, more good fats and more carbs. More calories in general.


My POW shake consists of

1 scoop protein powder
1 cup skim milk
1 banana
1/2 cup frozen strawberries

Been doing it for years and have gotten great results.


Bullshit. It is fine.

Some people are way too technical. Is it ideal? Not necessarily. But it will work.

I consumed myoplex plus cranberry and ate a banana for years because I could never stomach straight whey. Granted I like Surge and use it as a constant now.

You are thinking too much bud. If it is working, keep doing it. You are on the right track.


Guys, you are going all wrong with the banana intake, dont you know its 0.9 of a banana that you should put in your PWO and not 1?

Sorry I had to..


I should add that the comments above are contingent on the shake not being the only thing you consume PWO


Good point...and if you don't want to think at all...order Surge...its all formulated and figured out for you...just mix and drink!!


Agreed. At 5'8" and 120, your post workout shake should probably be followed by a large pepperoni pizza or two. :slight_smile:


Good points. If the OP really is only 120 at 5'-8" then I would double that shake recipe and drink it five times a day!

Oh and grape juice is preferred for creatine over cranberry any day... Make sure the juice is 100% too so they don't add any HFCS.


depending on how ripe the banana is, there is more than just fructose in it(glucose for ex.).


As others have said, it's probably fine, but too slow and complex, for me. My preferred PWO shake:

Whey, dextrose and ground up oats. Get the best of all worlds - protein, carbs, both simple and complex, and CHEAP. :sunglasses: Been using this combo for LONG time with great results. Also mixes up nicely in a shaker cup easily filled at the gym's water fountain.


Wow. so many replies...
Thanks for all the input and suggestions. I know im trying really hard to gain some weight, ive been reading many Berardi's amazing articles and learning a lot.

I've been using that protein shake for awhile and will most likely stick to it or adjust a couple of things...

soon i hope break my habit of split body training and convert to Full body. Ive been reading a great deal from Chad W. on his articles and see he and a lot others suggest full body over body splits. It just seems so complicated between all the excercises and really just building good structured workouts. Hopefully i can see some improvements in weight and muscle gain once i find a good full body workout but until then.. Thanks for all the help

P.S> if anyone knows of a great full body workout that has shown improvements please either PM me or post
Thanks from the skinny guy -SERD


I have used the 5 by 5 technique with some people I train and they put eating to work for them and have gainesd anywhere from 5-20 pounds in a month, and a good 5-20. The guy who gained 20 really took it seriously, trained religiously and packed on good calories not fat.