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Controversial Clinton Campaign Video

SOUTH BEND �?? The Hillary Clinton campaign is dealing with a quickly exploding controversy. WSBT News has received dozens of emails about a YouTube video that shows a high level Clinton campaign advisor allegedly making degrading remarks about people from Indiana.

In the video from 1992, Mickey Kantor, who was an advisor to former President Bill Clinton�??s 1992 campaign and the commerce secretary when Clinton was president, says it doesn�??t matter whether Clinton wins Indiana. He then appears to make comments about Hoosiers at large.

Kantor is currently a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton�??s 2008 campaign.

The video is a clip from the movie �??The War Room,�?? which is a behind the scenes look at the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign.

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Wow an off-the-cuff smart ass remark from 16 years ago. People who believe this has any relevance to anything are worthless. Obama, Clinton, and McCain are too good to be their President. We need someone even dumber, more corrupt and incompetent than Bush. Someone they can have a beer with and he won’t use all those fancy high falutin’ three syllable words and make them feel inferior.