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Controversial Bodybuilding Guru. Opinions?


He has loads of videos on Youtube, he goes into a lot of scientific detail in everything related to bodybuilding....he has videos showing him preparing and cooking his food which looks good but what I don't get is for all this time he spends on the sport and for the TON of food he claims to eat he has little muscle, no shapem no veiny arms, nothing...so what gives?


damn this guy has ridiculously tomahawk-missile-like narrow clavicles

never heard of this guy but you dont have to be big in order to give some advice if you know what you're talking about. i've seen guys this big pull 5 plates so..

but on a general note, never take strength/training advice from someone who's yet to put a heavy ass barbell on his back and squat it down and up. that fact there are no lifting videos of him there is hrmmmz.


If you were running your own business, would you take business advice from a high school kid whom never had his own successful business, but just kinda read about it on the internet?

Would you take advice on sex and pick-up from a virgin, who read about it on the internet?

There might be gold nuggets in there - but why not have it come straight from the horses mouth instead?


Isn't that him?


WTF is going on in the background at 0:21?


There is a huge amount of bodybuilding 'experts' on the internet, specifically those who really take advantage of being able to film and put their videos up on youtube. Most of them (by most, I mean 99% IMO) not only don't have much of a physique to back up a position of authority, but don't have anything in the way of actual accomplishments to warrant any sort of respect from other serious trainers.

It doesn't take much work to read a book, or take a method someone else designed or had success with and discuss it in a video. Due to the cyber-bodybuilding world being what it is, you can actually develop quite a following despite having no real business doling out advice besides an honest love of bodybuilding (which I would never fault).

If you don't have an actual research based education background ('real' science) or haven't built a well above average physique (whether you've competed or not), then I have no interest in watching you talk about your training, demonstrate how you like to perform an exercise, or watch you cook your lunch.




I will be the first to admit I am a complete beginner. But I've been doing enough reading that I could "advise" most people who start random 'why aren't i getting bigger' threads along with the average joe - but this would not be from my own experience, just rehashing what i've read. I wouldn't actually know it works.

As a newb I think it's important to be aware of this and look to seek advice from people such as Stu. All the proof to see if somebody is worth listening to is their own physique. You want big arms - speak to a guy with big arms.


He says he eats SIX HUNDRED carbs a day - surely at that weight it's impossible NOT to put weight on?


I couldn't watch. I tried.
Thing is, although this is not important, he does not look the part.


he looks like he has down syndrome


does this guy even lift??


His meals are massive, they are all on youtube....I dont get why he is so small...


Because book readin' don't equal intensity.


I got twenty seconds in and switched off when he said "serieses". There's just no recovery from that.


A speaker's personal experience has absolutely ZERO impact on the credibility of their factual message.

Having said that, it was naive of the kid to think he wouldn't get a lot of shit for posting these videos on the Internet. He's just setting himself up as a huge target for all the insecure 'big is good no big no care!' hicks.


Apparently on his last bulk he went up to 220-240 :s doesn't look it. As sad as it seems before now i had watched a few of his videos.

He thinks Branch Warren has small delts in comparison to others, thinks Hany Rambod knows nothing about bodybuilding and said the same about Phil Heath in regards to nutrition. Said training the soleus is useless and that going past 15+ reps in an exercise is a waste because of lactic acid :/. Eats 400g carbs post workout, half of that coming from pop tarts!!


I don't like this guy mainly because he openly goes after other people, people who have MUCH better development than him, claiming that he knows more than them and therefore is better source of BB information.


Apparently he had a feud with the Hodge twins, they do advice videos on youtube too. Funny as hell, they look like they work out and the ending to each video is great.


It's all about what you've built. That doesn't mean the biggest guy knows the most, but it damn sure does mean 9 times out of t10, the little dude won't have the greatest advice to get you huge unless he has worked with other bodybuilders and has their names as proof.

I don't personally understand making videos unless you have some credentials and some muscles (either that they built themselves or on other people).


he looks like he's never picked up a weight in his life. a person like this should not be publishing anything. at least the Hodge twins look like they train.

it would be a different story if he looked the same yet had impressive lifts. I searched "Ian McCarthy training" and the first page of hits was people responding to his videos or him sitting and talking about stuff. I did the same for the Hodge twins and found this on the first page:

I mean, c'mon, Ian McCarthy. this is a joke, right?