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Controlling Nausea


did legs this evening. did back squats, leg presses (high rep - 30, 25, 20, 15) and a 20 rep finisher on a HS squat machine before finishing with SLDL and standing leg curls. as i sat in the change room trying not to regurgitate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and protein shake i had pre-workout, i thought maybe you brilliant T-Nationer's could maybe share any tips or tricks you've come across for controlling nausea at the gym.

Im lucky my gym has a set of bathrooms literally 5 feet from the power rack...good planning.



don't do high reps


And don't eat a sandwich prior to said high reps.


Stay cool. Drink cold water.


take a longer rest between sets

If I'm out of breath and/or feeling nauseous I'm not going to start my next set


Take some ginger.
Take an antacid.
Don't drink copious amounts of alcohol before training.