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Controlling Estrogen with Adex

Do total estrogen figures give an idea of where E2 levels are, or are they totally independent of one another? I started Adex at .25mg EOD around 8 weeks ago. I am trying to fine tune my levels. I have experienced the sweet spot a lot of guys refer to. For about the first month on Adex at .25EOD I felt fantastic… all the time. The past month has not been as consistent, strength has decreased, feeling down some days.

The weights just feel heavier and my body feels achy under a heavy load. I have a good doctor, but his office has been inconsistent when ordering estrogen tests, sometimes they test total estrogen and other times E2. I had my blood drawn last week for E2 and went to pick up the results today, what do ya know they tested total estrogen again.

I will probably have to go back and have them draw my blood again for E2, it has been a week since my visit, so the lab does not have my last sample anymore. I am currently using Test cyp 100mg every 5 days. Adex .25 EOD or E3D depending on how I feel. HCG 250iu EOD.

Past lab results
TT 892ng/dl 241-827ng/dl
Total Estrogen 205pg/ml less than 130 pb/ml

TT 956ng/dl 348-1197 ng/dl
E2 48.1pg/ml 7.2-42.6 pg/ml

latest results
TT 984ng/dl 348-1197 ng/dl
Total Estrogen 60pg/ml 40-115pg/ml

Any thoughts on E2 being too high/too low? Again I saw my doc for this, but they tested for total estrogen. On a side note, does anyone know if high estrogen levels can cause palpitations or irregular heartbeats? This is another issue I was having often. Sometimes just a few premature atrial contractions here and there, others it would do every 3 beats or so for hours.

I tried a beta blocker and it got even worse so i stopped it. This was totally new to me after starting test, it has not happend since starting Adex, and it was pretty frequent. I was told to watch caffine, alcohol, ect… that didnt do anything to help it. But with the addition of Adex, no issues.