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Controlling Cholesterol

Despite doing a relatively weak cycle (500mg Test en.), my cholesterol has gone to shit. Before: HDL 50. LDL 97, now six weeks later HDL 36, LDL 130. I am using 5 mg. eod Adex. I know that switching to nolva should help this problem (anyone with experience like this?). What else have people done to control their cholesterol levels while on cycle?

I could be wrong, but aren’t you running about 2.5 times the amount of arimidex needed…? could that be doing it?

bump, someone tell me if my statement is accurate…

Haha, okay, maybe that could have done it. I am not nearly rich enough to afford 5 mgs. a day of arimidex. I meant to say “.5 mgs.” a day. My mistake for the typo. Thanks