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Controlling Cholesterol During Cycle?


Hi everyone,

Well I have gotten my cholesterol down after my last cycle from 6.7 to 5.6.
Now im about to go on another cycle, but I want to know if its possible to control your cholesterol while on a cycle.

Ive read using armidex can help a bit but is there anything else one can do to control escalating cholesterol levels?



Adex has been shown to help with some ppl that I know, and it should be part of most cycles anyway. Also, I have seen some recent research showing that Vitamin D helps control the bad cholesterol to some extent and of course fish oils are a must for any of my cycles.


ok i was just told on another forum that Adex is not good for cholesterol. I have a few natural things im using..will keep at them and see how it goes.


i am 20 years old, i have a bit high cholesterol,i was prescribed atorvastatin tablets by doctor & i was planning to start my first cycle next week & i think ill countinue the ator tabs


Relatively high dose niacin (along with folic acid, B6 & B12 to counter any increase in homocysteine levels) is beneficial if you can handle the sides (tingling skin and redness are common). Naturally your diet should include high quantities of HDLs.


SEMRs, especially Clomiphene, have been repeatedly shown to increase HDL cholesterol.

Statins are a powerful way to lower LDL cholesterol, and in some cases, raise HDL.

AIs tend to have a deleterious effect on cholesterol, and are not recommended by some experts for this reason. However, AIs are arguably the best way to reduce estrogenic side effects from amortizable AAS.

Niacin, as whotookmyname said, is often used. However, the often overlooked possible side-effect of inhibited fat loss may be of interest to Bodybuilders and AAS users.

Niacin works by inhibiting adipose breakdown (one of two genes, specifically), thereby reducing serum lipid levels. It also appears to have impacts on glucose metabolism, and thereby insulin sensitivity. While studies are either correlational or basic with few experiments suggesting long term impacts of high dose niacin, the initial data should help inform your decision. Several studies have loosely linked niacin intake to obesity. Little of this appears to be well understood in the available research, and further research must be done to determine if this has any true external validity.

This being said, there is little good data to support niacin-induced obesity (and zero clinical data to that end), but there is plenty of data to support the efficacy of niacin reducing LDL and increasing HDL.

Small amounts of alcohol, cardiovascular exercise, and various dietary changes can all help, as well.



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This is an interesting approach...

Very forward thinking Bushy.


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Surprised to read this from you BBB.


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I have no knowledge about how significant the use antiox would be diminishing the actions of ROS in the endothelium, but I just meant the approach. I just wouldn't guess that you would recommend diminishing the response, rather than attempting to eliminating the problem, in the first place.

I don't mean it as a knock, Al, just a genuine surprise.


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I agree, but by merely abstaining from using steroids he would (almost) not even have to worry about it in the first place. I suppose no one listens to that advice anyway though, so maybe even bringing it up would be a waste of time.


Buahahaha, it is a novel idea, no?

For the 20yr old kid with high cholesterol thinking about 'juicing'; the question needs to be asked why is cholesterol high enough for him to be put on statin drugs? Is it genetic, diet, combination of both??? I would certainly want to address that first; definetly before going on a drug known for worsening cholesterol values and raising blood pressure...


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Hey BBB what antioxidants would you advise?
I'm thinking resveratrol right off the bat...I don't know if calcium d-glucarate would qualify, IC3, maybe some plain old vit E or C?


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