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Controlling Blood Sugar (A1C TEST)


I just got a bunch of blood work done and my A1C levels were relatively high (4.7%) nothing too serious but definitely something I want to keep an eye on and lower

My question is in regards to how to eat to control blood sugar. Most of the advice I can find is suggestions from WebMD and other similar sites. Just wondering if anyone has any good experience or links to eating to control blood sugar.



The simple answer is to eat fewer carbs. Also, increase the intensity of your exercise.

I'm sure somebody will have more complex biochemical answers for you.


I think you have misinterpreted your test results. 4.7% is in the low-to-mid portion of the normal HgbA1c range.



you are correct, after looking at the number more closely I realized I have 2 numbers.

Glucose Fasting- 4.7 mmol/L

HBA1C- 0.056


...I was going to say you don't have to worry, at least so long as you stay active. 5.7% and higher is where you should be cautious. Also all carbs are not created equal, learn the difference between high glycemic and low glycemic carbs.

Diabetics want low glycemic carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal etc that break down into sugar more slowly. It gives your body a better chance to improve it's use of insulin and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Walk daily. As you age this becomes more important for blood glucose levels and blood pressure.


Remeber also, that there is no such thing as Essential Carbs. There are however, essential proteins (amino acids) and essential fats.
These can more than make up for the calories you will not be eating in the form of carbs, and will keep your blood glucose levels at a more consistent level throughout the day.

I went paleo/ carb back loading in march to celebrate my 46th birthday and have not looked back. My energy / mood and tolerance for stupidity levels have all leveled off ; ) I also have gotten fairly shredded as a wicked but nice side effect !

The one thing that I do do differently is not to injest and cards other than those found in vegetables until after 5pm. This seems to work
very well with mood and temperament.

Good luck and keep aging well...