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Controlled Deliveries


I am reading Rick Collins' book "Legal Muscle." I had ordered gear from what is supposed to be a legitimate source confirmed. They did send the gear but, it has now been seized twice. I had it sent to 2 different addresses. I was able to get a PO box for them to ship to a 3rd address but, am now concerned about "controlled deliveries" as outlined in the book.

It is not a large amount of gear and the source has been easy to work with but, I am now concerned. Has anyone had any experience with this or any input they can add?


I'd want to know what flaw in the source's delivery method keeps getting their gear seized. Yes, that would make me nervous. Can the other two addresses be traced to you?


Send an email to DEA customer service and ask them to tell you their upcoming plans.


This is your best option OP.