contrasting showers

on the elite seminar video tape, dave tate talks about using sauna alternated with a cold shower to facilitate recovery. does anybody know the exact ratios of hot to cold in minutes. also how long should you do the contrasting in total time?

Im also very interested

i use this but i use my hot tub…it is usually 102-103 temp and i take 2-3 bags of ice and a cup of ice cubes out to the tub ice the area until numb 3-5 minutes then put the area in the tub…i repeat this for each needed body part 10-12 times…bm

I have a dual head shower, so I spend 5-8 minutes each day alternating between hot and cold for 30 seconds each always ending with cold.

Some days I run a warm jacuzzi and sleep in it for 1-2 hours while the water cools toward room temp.

i went on the t-forums search and under contrasting showers i found and interesting post under “reilly”. he talks about recovery methods for the renegade system. scroll down enough and you will find an exerpt from the mel siff forum.

i did a practice run tonight about 4 hours after my workout. i went in the sauna and got it as hot as i could and lie down on my stomach with a cold towel wrapped around my head. i lied down for 4 minutes and then hopped into the shower for 4 minutes and allowed the cold water to run on my low back and hams and abs. i did this for a total of three times each. i could feel my nervous system getting stimulated big time after the 3rd changeover.

I use contrast showers often. After a strenuous workout I find that this works the best: cold-1min/hot30sec/cold-1min/hot30secs/cold1min30/hot45secs/cold-2minutes/hot-1min/cold1minute/hot-1minute/cold45seconds/hot-30seconds

You can adjust the ratios but always a little less hot is required (and necessary) to get the blood flow. Don’t be afraid to stay under the cold for up to 2 minutes. The benefits are amazing especially for recovery.

always finish with COLD

fuck contrast showers you pussies for the real deal ICE BATHS!!!

It’s not worth it. This type of thing places too much stress on the nervous system.

Ice baths are good, but a pain in the ass to set-up. I would rather keep my freezer full of food, not ice. In order to fill my bath with ice I would have to drive to the store buy 5-6 bags of ice, haul them into the house and take the ice bath within the next hour, or two.

I use contrast showers for recovery, and can be done in 8-10 minutes, unlike ice baths which would waste 45 minutes in set-up time.

If I am a pussy it is for reasons other then not using ice baths.

“I have a dual head shower, so I spend 5-8 minutes each day alternating between hot and cold for 30 seconds each always ending with cold.”

hey rick, ill bet this comes in handy for various other reasons as well???

45mins to set up!??! I keep a compartment just for ice in my freezer. I have a big flat tray of ice which holds 10L. I put it in over night and its freezes next day. I whack it with a club hammer a few times and chuck it in a bath of cold water. OK so its probably not 0 degrees but more like 4 degrees in the water but thats still plenty. All in it takes me 15mins to set up.
I don’t use it every session but after real heavy sessions where i think i am going to suffer DOMS.

Whether contrast or ice-bath compliance is pretty simple. I am in agreement with the ice bath’s as well, I don’t think they’re as hard to set up - although I prefer ocean swimm’s in the winter. Nothing like it.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Yes dual head showers have many uses.

As I said before I like my freezers stuffed with food, not ice. Even a 15 minute set-up is more then I want to spend on a daily basis. If you got the time and the means go for it.

If one uses a sauna the times are much larger then posted here.

That would be 15 minutes (very hot) and a 30-45 seconds ice-cold bath.
Then some 30 minutes recovery and relaxation.

You can simulate this at home by lying in your tub and let the water come in very hot. So hot that you burn yourself if you move in the water. Stay here for an hour or so.

Then take a short cold shower (what I do: take a mediate temp and then adjust to a colder level in 3 steps)