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Contrast Training & Isometrics/CAT Training


I'm posting my program here b/c this topic seems to be the best to get a response for.
I'm focusing on becoming more explosive and stronger.

The Bench Press, Squat & Deadlift will follow Contrast Training &
The Press/Overhead Press will follow a Isometric-CAT Training. I picked the Iso-CAT training for Press b/c well I just wanted to.
(Here are the articles I got this program for
http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=5749976 )

Squat 2Sets of 2 Reps 90%-235. 2Sets of 1 Rep 95%-245
(30 second rest between Squat & Speed Squat)
Speed Squat
(15 sec rest between each Speed Squat rep)
(3 min rest after the Contrast Set)

Power Cleans 5X3 (No weight too strenuous)
Roman Chair Back Extension 4x12 (No weight too strenuous)
Declined Sit Ups 4X10 (No weight too strenuous)
Calves 3X15

Press (88% 2X3 WEEK 1) (90% 2X3 WEEK2) (95% 2x1 WEEK3)

Mid-Range Iso Press (5sec hold)
(3 min rest between Isometric to CAT Press)
CAT PRESS FULL ROM (2X3 75% WEEK1) (2X3 77.5% WEEK2) (2X3 80% WEEK3)
(3 min rest after each Iso-CAT set)

Top-Range Iso Press (5 sec hold)
(3 min rest between Isometric to CAT Press)
CAT PRESS FULL ROM (2X3 75% WEEK1) (2X3 77.5% WEEK2) (2X3 80% WEEK3)
(3 min rest after each Iso-CAT set)

Half reps Press (half way up Presses) (2X6 80%)
DB Press 4X8
Chin Ups 4X8
Lateral Raises 3X12
Curls 3X10

Deadlift (2Sets of 2 Reps90%-365. 2Sets of 1 Rep95%-385)
(30sec rest between Deadlift & DB Swing set)
DB Swings (3reps,3reps,2reps,2reps, 70)
(15 sec rest between each DB Swing Rep)
(3 min rest between each Contrast Set)

Snatch Pull 5X3
Lunges 4X8
Hip Thrusts 3X10
Leg Raises 3X12
Calves 3X15

Bench Press (2Sets of 2Reps 90%-230. 2Sets of 1 Rep 95%-240)
(30 sec rest between Bench Press & Plyo Push Ups)
From Rest Plyo Push Ups (4reps,4reps,3reps,2reps, Bodyweight)
(15 sec rest between each Rep of Plyo Push Ups)
(3 min rest for each Contrast Set)

DB Rows 3X10
JM Press 4x6-8
Inverted Rows 3x10
Curls 3x10

I'll follow this training program for 3 weeks. Then I'll deload on Week 4 (From both Iso/CAT training & Contrast Training)
Then after my Deload week, I'm going to go back to the same exact program for another 3 weeks.

My question to you gurus and "know-it-alls" is: Is this too much training aka is this just an elaborate way to fry my CNS? OR is this fine?

It's 24years old and don't live a strenuous or stressful lifestyle other than lifting.

Advice and Criticism welcomed


Sit back a minute, take a deep breath, and ask yourself whether you, a beginner, should really be doing such fancy stuff at this point in time.


Give it a try, josh bryant knows his stuff. Make sure you get in some quality workout supps and good nutrition and sleep in general as this will test your work capacity.

Also just do something like band pressdowns or Gironda extensions instead of JM press for triceps as your elbows are going to get pretty beat up.


Band pressdowns will help you save your elbows. Win for them.