Contrast Showers

It takes me about 15 minutes to get home from the gym. We have a shower in our new house with 2 shower heads so I could easily move back and forth between hot and cold. Is waiting 15 minutes too long to still see the benefits of the contrast showers? Anyone used them? Worth the effort?

No its nbot to long hell I do them many times hours or even on a different day froma workout. they are about the flushing and rusing of blood etc in the tissue.

Yes they have a great effect are brutal but addicitive.

I wasn’t aware that your were “supposed” to do them immediately following a workout. I do mine to recover and they REALLY wake up the CNS. Just don’t use them too much.

I only have time to use a contrast shower after my weekend training sessions (I train before work during the week). I usually wait until after I’ve had my first solid post-workout meal (one hour after my post-workout shake). That timing seems to work well for me.