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Contrast Showers and Soreness?

Hi friends,
to deal with soreness one of the things you can do is to “Contrast showers. 30 seconds cold water, 30 seconds warm water, alternate for a few minutes.”

I was wondering how and why this would help with soreness?
Knowing links on this topic?

Haven’t really heard much about this, but I’d imagine the cold water to get the blood flowing, and the hot water to make sure you don’t die? The blood brings nutrients to the muscles, which will help with recovery, I suppose. I may be way off though.

Contrast showers promote recovery through the vasodilation and vasoconstriction of blood vessels. It promotes bloodflow which in turn brings more nutrients to your muscles.

Using this as a recovery tool is always good because everyone has access to a shower. The best way I’ve found is to always finish with the cold and you feel great as soon as you step out of the shower, and 30 sec of hot/cold is good too.


This is one a remember reading from CT but he said that you should stick to 30s cold/ 2 min hot and depending on the workout change the temperature of the hot part. I found it just takes too long this way though, but experiment to see what works for you.