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Continuous Twitching in Muscles

I started having low T symptoms about a year and a half ago. My total T was 317 so I was Experiencing all the low T symptoms you could think of. But one symptom of mine stood out that I have not seen anyone else post. I have been on a whole bunch of different protocols. But one symptom of mine (muscle twitching) stood out that I have not seen anyone else post. I have been on a whole bunch of different protocols. Some protocols would make the twitching stop and others it would be there constantly.

The twitching is happening all over my body and it can happen at any time of the day. It can even happen in my sleep. It’s a fast rapid twitching motion can be in my lips it could be in my leg it could be inside of me sometimes such as I can feel like my organs inside twitching. So this has me really concerned

The question that I have is that I’m wondering if anyone out there has heard of this twitching symptoms as part of low T???
I don’t want anyone to think too far into this about different levels of different types of blood work I just want to know if anyone has heard of the symptoms being connected to low T because if not then it could be possible that there could be something totally different going on with me and I would like to know so I can pursue that route.

Before I started trt I had terrible eyelid twitching in both eyes. It drove me crazy. It was to the point where others at work noticed and made comments. They could see my eyelids convulsing. After I started trt it slowly subsided. It doesn’t happen at all right now.

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Look up benign fasiculation syndrome.

Did you look up what @trifive sent???
What do you think???

Two week ago I attempted a daily TRT protocol and after about 5 days I started feel terrible, anxiety and generally feeling horrible. I noticed muscles were burning and twitching like crazy, this happens from the loss of testosterone do to the new protocol which generally see levels fall dramatically for a few weeks until it builds up in my system and levels become higher again.

What TRT protocol cause your muscles to twitch?

Mine used to do that too. Drove me nuts!! I was always told by the doc that it was stress related, and I think (at least in my case anyway) it was a nerve issue. I actually got that to go away by some diet changes before I started TRT. Cut out all (well…most) HGI carbs, sugars, and fast food crap during the week and very little on the weekend. I started seeing anxiety and stress levels coming down a bit and my eyelid twitch disappeared.

It would make sense that if it truly is stress related, that TRT would help to eliminate it.

The difference has been night and day for me

My muscles twitch a lot back when I was injecting 75mg weekly because in the beginning of the week levels were higher, by weeks end levels were lower, so the loss of testosterone cause the muscles to twitch at the end of the week.

This cycle repeated for 17 weeks until I put my foot down and demanded more frequent dosing. Then the muscle twitching stop thereafter.

Hmmmm, why or how did your T levels go lower? You didn’t simply divide your total dose by 7 and daily dose that number?

The first 17 weeks injections were administered in the doctor’s office, my foot came down and I was taught to self inject at home.

I attempted 10mg daily 2 weeks ago and the muscle twitching started again because testosterone dropped to low which is expected for the first few weeks. A previous sciatica injury resurfaced do to all the twitching and couldn’t allow it to continue!

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I only twitch on testosterone but on climid I never twitch which is really weird

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what this test is for I think I read that it helps you figure out how often your HCG shots should be. It is the 17-OH Progesterone LCMS?

Muscle twitching is generally a symptom of low electrolytes more specifically potassium I’ve found… add some magnesium daily plus pottasium source maybe coconut water and a b6 in active form p5p all help with this.


but have you ever experienced while on testosterone??

@mike12 also if you look at my labs do you know what the 17-OH progesterone is for??

@zsub154 did u resolve your muscle twitching. Mine has started since beginning sus 250 half ml every five days. Driving my mad. Started in both calves and right eye. Then spread to random parts of body.

I use to get that too. That drove me nuts. Dont think i have had it either since starting. I always thought it was from my high blood pressure that also went away with trt

So there are a couple of things I figured out snese I been gone And sense My doctor passed away I went to defy medical and learned a lot. So one thing that has changed for me is I am no longer on a A.I and I truly belive that’s where it was coming from. I take DIM daily now. Everything is not perfect but I’m in a lot better state then what I was when I made these post. I still get a little tiny twitch here and there but nothing like how it use to be. The twitching in my eyes were crazy and the twitches in my body were like muscle jerks that’s how strong they were. But I do believe it was from the A.I

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On my last blast I was supplementing DIM from day one. It crashed my e2 and I had eye lid twitching at that time. Once i dropped the dim it went away. Now I’m on blast number 2 and trying some low dose masteron at 100 mg per week. Its split but I’m experiencing some eye lid twitching again. I’m assuming the anti e effects of masteron may be lowering my e2 to low. Havent tested e2 on this blast so not sure yet

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See the thing is with me for some reason my E2 is always too high. But I was extra sensitive to the anastrozole so dim is working kind of perfect but there are still some minor things I need to work on. I need to see it for some reason my E2 is creeping up again Even though I’m on the DIM