Continuous Ramp


The best increase in usable strength I’ve ever had was using the continuous ramp method doing three lifts ramped to ~3rm, not unlike the original HPmass plan from years ago. I liked the lack of real planning and the ability to just concentrate on a few things each session while being able to switch off and get on with it.

Like most, I’m now the wrong side of thirty with a demanding job alongside playing comparative rugby. Other commitments have sprung up and training in the gym hasn’t been a priority for many years now.

How would one go about adapting/changing/tweaking the continuous ramp for someone interested in returning to this kind of training?

Interested in anyone’s thoughts and responses.


I think that if you’re older and don’t have much time/stressed etc it’s a good approach because it has low volume, short but intense workouts. You can do it with 5rm also like in the zombie apocalypse. Also you can add 1-2 assistance exercise after that if you want to work on your weaknesses, if any, and if you have time/energy to spare

Sorry, don’t mean to hijack this thread, but you referenced the old high performance mass program. Of course that’s been revamped and I can’t find the original. Do you have a copy? I enjoyed it quite a lot and would like to repeat it sometime soon.

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