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Continuous Pursuit of Strength

There’s no substitute for being strong - Michael H. Stone, PhD

What’s up guys, I’ve been strength training since I was 11 years old and have had numerous logs on the internet since I was 14 years old, mainly on Charliefrancis.com (username was ku2u#1). I’ve competed in/trained for American football, track (sprinter), skeleton, and Olympic weightlifting over the years. Currently I’m 24 years old and getting my masters’ in sport science and have retired from all forms of competitive sport. I had my final injury in 2013 (FAI/hip labrum), had surgery to repair it and had a complication that permanently forced me to retire called Heterotopic ossification. Long story, but today I am blessed to still be able to do most movements in the weight room, my main limitation being about 5 degrees loss of ROM in my hip flexion, which takes out full ROM squatting.

It’s essential that I continue my pursuit of getting strong. I work in the sports performance/fitness industry and I must continue to walk the talk. I look up to well respected coaches in the industry such as Poliquin, Thibadeau, and Dr. Stone and number one thing anyone will notice is that they walk the talk. I’ve heard Poliquin say that “hiring a strength coach that doesn’t lift is like hiring a dentist with cavities.” Strength training is something that I have always loved doing, and I hope to learn from my own mistakes in training in order to provide the best service possible to the clients and athletes that wish to train with me.

Recent PRs/Short Term Goals at 5’9.5, 178lbs
Hang Power Clean - 300lbs — > 310lbs
Hang Power Snatch - 212lbs ----> 220lbs
Clean grip DL - 385lbs ----> 405lbs
Trap Bar DL - 385lbs x 3 ----> 420lbs
Military Press - 180lbs ----> 190lbs
Push Press - 231lbs ---->242lbs
Split Jerk - 275lbs ---->286lbs
1/2 FSQ - 345lbs ----> 360lbs
1/2 BSQ - 418 x 3 ----> 440lbs

I plan to post as consistent as possible. I’ll upload youtube of PRs, etc. Any comments/criticism is welcome!

Hypertrophy Phase Week 1, Monday, October 13th, 2014
HRV - 82, RHR - 69 RED

Jerk Drives - 3 x 5, 225lbs
1/2 Deadstop Back Squat - 3 x 10, 275lbs
Incline DB Press 40X0 - 3 x 6 (60 degrees) + 6 (55 degrees) + 6 (45 degrees), 35lb DB’s
Standing Calf Raises 40X0 - 4 x 8

Bulgrian Split Squat - 3 x 10, 110
DB Arnold Press 3010 - 3 x 10, 25’s
Forearm work

Training session was done at Hyde Park Gym, in Austin, TX.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
HRV - 98, RHR - 56, GREEN

Snatch Grip Mid-Thigh Pull - 3 x 10, 198lbs
Clean Grip DL 40X0 - 5 x 6, 230lbs (60% 1RM)
Seated Cable Row 40X1 - 3 x 10, 120lbs
Dorsi Calf Machine 30X2 - 3 x 10

Didn’t get a chance to do any Hamstring work… Quads, adductors are quite sore from monday still. Traps have also become sore.

Thursday, October 16, 2014
HRV - 93, RHR - 61, GREEN

Top Half OHP - 3 x 10, 110lbs
1/2 Deadstop Back Squat - 3 x 10, 253lbs
Incline DB Press 40X0 - 3 x 6 (60 degrees) + 6 (55 degrees) + 6 (45 degrees), 30lb DB’s
Bulgarian SS - 3 x 10, 80lbs
Leg Press Calf Raises 25X0 - 4 x 8
Forearm work

Still quite sore but I love the feeling. Overall the schedule for this week has been very inconsistent compared to usual. I hope the following weeks will become better.

So I’ve been very lazy about logging my workouts. Last week was the first phase of the training program. I’m currently eating 3300 calories per day and trying to get my bodyweight to 185 by April 22nd. My bodyweight is currently 178.8 and last sunday (12 days ago) it was 176.2

Week 2

Monday, 3.23.15
SG MTP - 4 x 8, 205lbs
Trap Bar DL - 4 x 8, 275lbs
SL Glute Bridge left - 13, right - 8

Tuesday, 3.24.15
BTN Press - 4 x 8, 100lbs
Bench - 4 x 8, 165lbs
Thibaudeau Shoulder Blitz - 3 sets
forearm work