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Continuous Pain Since First Injection (6 Weeks In)


I have had a sharp, stabbing pain, sometimes tingling and numb, from my hip down to my ankle since my first injection, 6 weeks ago. From what I have read, the length of time I have been experiencing this pain is not typical.

First injection was 1cc total in my quad a few inches above my knee.
(half tren-e and half test-e) My dose was too small, but I didn't realize it at the time.

I managed to massage the pain away a few times, but it always returns with the same intensity I initially experienced.

Any ideas what it could be? Should I be alarmed?


Sounds to me like you damaged a nerv.


Sounds to me you've hit a nerv, i was in a serious motorcycle accident last june, an from that i have a compressed disk in my neck that pinches down on my nervs at time tingling all the way down my trap an right arm.. i rub it out an continue on lifting of course but very annoying at time buts that would be my advice also READ THIS


lots of good stuff in that for now an future.


The problem might be where you injected...

"The vastus lateralis muscle is the only area of the thigh that should be injected intramuscularly. This site is determined by using the knee and the greater trochanter of the femur as landmarks. The greater trochanter is the bony area that you can feel where the femur joins the pelvic girdle. The mid portion of the muscle is located by measuring the handbreadth above the knee and the handbreadth below the greater trochanter. Injecting into the front of the thigh or inside of the thigh is extremely unwise. These areas contain nerves as well as a number of blood vessels."

See attatched image for a guide as to where you should be hitting.


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What he said. You should not be injecting into the top or inner thigh. If you want to stick your thigh, which is what I normally do, go for the vastus...the middle third of the outside of your thigh. Not too close to your knee or hip. The upper, outer quadrant of your glute is also a good spot with few large vessels and nerves. Some people like to hit their deltoids...up to you, but you gotta know and pick safe sites!

What did you feel as you injected? If you hit a nerve, you would most likely (but not certainly) have felt a shooting pain as soon as you stuck yourself. Most people know immediately when they have hit a nerve.

"Stabbing, shooting, down to my ankle" does sound neurological. Just to be sure though, is there any redness at the injection site? Swelling? Hot to touch? Those things are big red flags for infection and if you have them, you need to find an ER pronto. If you don't have any of those, I would still recommend consulting a good doc if your symptoms don't resolve soon.


I injected all other sites and have had no problems, it was that first one that got me, it was the mid outter out side of the vastus, i think it was to far, of the outter side. like i said it was the first time, trying to find the landing site. I didnt feel to much pain at first, till few days leter, my leg bruised up and down the top outter side of the vastus, had some typ of pitting lines up and down my whole leg, like muscles were pulling tight under the skin(gone now).

thanks for all input.
i kno, i jumped the gun and dove head first.