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Continuous Letro's Effects on Lipids


How many of you like to stay on your AI during off periods, and do you feel that lipids levels remain stable at a particular level of said AI? Or more simply, is there any evidence to cholesterol being negatively impacted to an unsafe level doing this?

Personally I prefer Letro btw for control of estro, and would be using that. It might be a bit trickier to manage the "sweet spot", but you sure don't have to worry about it working. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks in advance,



Well I knew there wouldn't be a lot of you doing this, but jeez Louise...

How bout Bill R? I know you like to run your Letro or at least were running it "off" for a bit of e control.

I think I tend to look a little leaner when on either letro or adex, and just curious to what might be the balancing act in dosage terms for both letro, and adex in this situation. Where they would be helpful with keeping e in the low norm range, and negligible in affecting cholesterol levels.

So, a little bump one more time on this topic.



I haven't run a lipid panel in a long time, nor do I have info from others who have done so, so I couldn't say.

It is an issue I've wanted to look into for a while, but haven't. Another thing I'd like to look at with that is what might be achieved while keeping E2 low normal and using a modest dose of a SERM, such as just 10 mg/day Nolvadex or 25 mg/day Clomid. One thing that has really stood out over time has been how, where lipid profiles have been taken, users have had really nice results on-cycle while using these SERMs at full dose. I would like to see what happens at half-dose off-cycle combined with low-normal E2, but haven't gotten to that as a personal experiment yet.

Without the SERM, I would expect that with androgen levels in the normal range, albeit high normal thanks to the letrozole, and E2 levels still in the normal range, albeit low normal for the same reason, that lipid profiles might well not be much worsened compared to each being mid-normal, but they might not be nearly as good as might be attained with the above potential addition to the protocol.


not really lipid related, but you guys might find it interesting


as far as lipids, i would simply test at 3 month intervals and monitor for changes, if your doctor is an ass, go thru lef.org


Bill, thank as usual for your short and sweet and informed reply. I guess it comes down to me doing a bit of homework and running some lipid tests myself really.

Much respect.


Yes that is interesting actually, thanks MP. I may likely have to do just that also, (lef.org)..

Thanks for the help.


It's cool to me that this subject has come back up. Let me quickly cover a little back-ground for you... Back in January, my father had a heart attack. In mid February, I went in with him to get my blood panels too. Up to that point i had been on a bulking diet for 8-9 months. I was feeling tired as hell for the last month or so. (possible sign of high cholesterol and possible heart problems, etc)

Anyway, my panels came back and my HDL was only 30, (40-60). Also, my LDL was 281, (65-130). After about 2 weeks of a diet change, I added .25 Adex E4D and 10 Nolva each day. In June I had my 1st panel recheck and HDL is 42 and LDL is 180.

Now I know that it's not a miracle taking place, it's probably a lot in the diet, but none the less, I feel a hell of a lot better. The high test oily skin sucks and raging libido can be inconvenient at times. But I feel there is merit in the theory.

BTW, this isn't something that I can take credit for in any shape or form... The whole thing is based on past discussions that have taken place here about the subject at hand.


I'm glad for your very good improvement!