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Continuous High Pull Technique


Hi CT,

I am currently programming high pulls from hang into my program but would like to try and perform them in a continuous fashion as you have mentioned before to optimise hypertrophy. I am however, confused about the technique. Do you only drop it down to your hip crease then explode back up (in the style of a speed snatch series) or do you still go down to mid thigh then explode. I have tried the latter but can only seem to drop it down to my hip crease and then to mid thigh, breaking the rhythm?

Many Thanks


You have to lower it to just above the knees otherwise you will have almost zero acceleration path. The problem might be how you are lowering the bar to the knees. Most people do it by bending the knees (going straight down). The bar will thus be in front of the shoulders and that will be a very inefficient pulling position.

What you want to do is:

1) BEFORE YOU START LOWERING THE BAR bend the knees slightly (go down about 2 inches or until the knee angle is about 150 degrees)

2) From that position lower the bar to the knees BY PUSHING THE HIPS BACK (imagine doing a romanian deadlift) the knee angle actually doesn't change throughout the lowering part. While doing that, bring the bar to above the knees by sliding the bar on your quad and keep your arms perfectly straight.

3) When you reach the knees quickly reverse direction and try to accelerate the bar as much as possible by using the hips, lower back and legs (imagine doing the reverse movement of the lowering part as fast as humanly possible). This will allow you to reach the hips (power position) with a lot of speed already and from there (without stopping of course) you explode upward. The big problem is that people will bend their arms too soon (to bring the bar to the hips) and it kills momentum. The arms should not bend until the bar has been launched.