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Continuing with the Green Faces Diet?


So I saw this diet a T-Nation and decided to try it and I've lost 17 pounds in the three weeks. But I would like to continue this diet for 3 ish months and try to hit 160 pounds. Is that safe or will something bad happen since its a 3 week program?


You're eating meat and green vegetables; what could go wrong? Just keep up the good work.


Great Job on the diet! I agree with matt, its hard to go wrong eating good sources of PRO with lots of vegetables. How do you feel after 3 weeks on the diet?


X3, Eat the green face diet as long as you would like. Are you concerned about a lack of something in your diet?

I have known people that eat fast food a couple times a day their whole life and are still alive so veggies and meat won't kill ya.

On a more personal note, I turned a family member on to the Green Face diet due to it's simplicity and they were gung-ho for about a month but then complained about a lack of variety. I told them to add in dairy and go back to hanging out with friend(aka drinking beers) once per week and he is still making great progress.

In the end the strict meat and greens portion was like a jump start for his health and he now thinks about what he eats and except for his football Saturdays(beer) he eats very limited carbs by just having meat and veggies the other days.


Yeah I was worried that I would be lacking nutritionally since the only splurge I have is Canadian bacon with it's 1 gram of sugar but other then that I'm eating 60% veggies 40% protein with most of that lean or eggs. And I feel fine although a bit tired every now an then


Honestly this diet is easy since I love both (but I do have another question) is seasonings considered a nono or does it matter?? (Ive been eating it plain so far)


Only if there's significant carbs in them. So salt and pepper are fine, sweet chilli sauce not so much.


Pretty much this. Yep.

What's your current height, weight, and general bodyfat condition (I'm not talking percentage, just generally: pudgy, average Joe, lean/defined)?

What does your training look like?

Canadian bacon is essentially ham, so as long as it isn't candy coated, like you've checked for, you're good to go. But definitely don't overfocus on lean meats. You need fats to help fill out your daily calories. High protein/low carb/low fat diets are hellish to maintain, so don't do that to yourself.

Last thing, if you're going to stick with this nutrition plan for an extended period, like months on end, consider an occasional (once a week or so) carb-up meal, possibly a carb-up day depending on your current bodyfat. That, in addition to your workout nutrition, should help with the tired feeling a bit.


you cant eat eggs on this diet, unfertilised embryos will never grow up to have a face


You were probably one of those people busting my chops for recommending scallops too, huh? "Scallops don't have faces. Neener neener neener."


im roughly 183 now i did a cheat meal to carb up im a little pudgy but im not overtly obese im 5'6-5'7 and for the seasoning im not meaning like sauce or marinade or anything. i was more like cajun seasoning or meat seasoning u buy at walmart with paprika garlic and such not the liquid crap XD.


i dont really go pump iron or anything im trying to get abs by x-mas tbh so ive been trying to run every other day and do some crunches situps and bicycles but thats usually it


Gotcha. That's the thing, if you're still on the pudgy side, you need to monitor the carb-ups and can't be as loose with them. One meal a week would be a fine start, just be sure to watch your progress as regular (bodyweight, measurements, pictures).

Bad call, man. All cardio and no lifting won't build any lean muscle, which means that, at best, you'll reach your goal weight but still have no real muscle tone. You'll just be a slightly smaller version of your current self.

Do you have a gym membership or any equipment at home? Even some basic lifting two or three days a week would make a huge difference in your progress and the end result.

Also, considering you already lost 17 pounds from three weeks ago (even though much of that was probably water from the dropped carbs), you're looking to lose another 20-25 pounds in 8 weeks? That's a high goal, not entirely unattainable with the right plan, but the right plan will definitely involve some weight training.


i have like a 70 pound bar and a 35 arm curl laying in my house thats about it but i dont have any other equipment im thinking about joining a gym but its expensive as well as i have no idea what to use


you can join a chain gym like LA Fitness for around $40/month. smaller, less fancier gyms might charge less.


we only have one near me and they charge alot X.x more like 60 a month


instead of the Internet, look in the yellow pages.

small gyms don't always have websites.


Uh, unless you eat fertilized eggs.....


Check the yellow pages like fro said. Also, try yelp. When I moved to SF a few months ago, was having trouble finding a gym that was both within my price range and was a good gym. But, searched yelp for a few days, found an awesome one for $33/month. Just look, never know what you may find..plus, if you want it bad enough, you'll find away.


additionally, the smaller gyms might have more variety in equipment. off the top of my head i can tell you that my big fancy LA fitness gym doesnt have: a safety squat bar, trap bar, db's heavier than 125, prowlers, deadlift platform, GHR... you can make progress without them, but eventually you might need them.

smaller gyms can also have a more serious training atmosphere. LAF turns into a meet/meat market/club between 5-9pm...