Continuing Weight Training with Sciatica and Herniated Disc

this might help people:
i had bad sciatica for 1 year, ALL gone now. here is what you need to do (no joking)
read this book
tldr; a) the vast majority of back/scatic pain is related due to emotional repressed distress/anger/rage
and is a diversion tactic used by your brain to divert your attention from the emotional pain. the physical pain is real and due to mild ischemia but the root cause is emotional
b) all medical imaging is useless and does not reveal the true cause of the pain (even so called deformations like herniations etc), very few exceptions do exists, like tumors
c) all surgeries and conservative treatments are placebos and do not provide long term relief
d) you need to 2 things, 1 is deal with underlying root cause and 2 start the most intense workouts immediately to break the mind-body pain cycle

I did all of this. I am 100% pain free, after having dark thoughts about the future of my back/pain (just go on some back pain forums) i could probably write half a book about my progress. I can give some good advice but I do not care about your opinions about this topic especially if they question the effectiveness of this approach

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