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Continuing my journey... Simply Jacked

Hello Everybody,
I am a long time lurker and a never poster.
I am starting this log to hold myself accountable and track progress.

I have been lifting for 3 years however… all 3 years has been with fuckarounditis.
In those three years i have gained 50 lbs… from 90 lbs to 140 lbs. I look and feel much better however I think it’s time to kick it up a notch.

i want to bring my squat up as its lagging behind my dead lift and increase my lifts in general. More Strength!!

I also want to lean out just a little bit. i am sitting at about 25 to 28 percent body fat and want to be closer to 20-22 percent. aiming to lose 5 lbs at a time in fat but gain muscle and strength.

I also need to improve my conditioning. I hate all forms of cardio and as a result… never do any cardio. My off days will now consist of 30 mins of… incline walking for now.

5’4” 140lbs
Deadlift: 225x1
Squat: 135x2
Bench: 100x1
Ohp: 75x1

I intend to use 531 5’s Pro W/ FSL/BBB
Jim layed out a mix of the two in his new book that I really like. My plan is to run two 6 week Leader cycles of it with a 7th week TM Test between the 2 cycles anda 7th week PR test at the end of them for a total of 14 weeks. I intend to follow those up with a 531 PR Anchor Cycle. After that i will decide where i want to go from there.

I am reducing my training maxes a little to make sure I can hit solid reps for my first few cycles and will be increasing the standard 10 and 5 until I need to slow down more (if ever). As jim says… “start too light”
Deadlift: 180
Squat: 100
Bench: 90
Ohp: 55

Today’s lifts are as follows:

3x25 Jacks
3x10 Squats
3x20 Mt. Climbers
3x5 Push ups
3x4 Box Jumps

3x5 Warm up Squat SS with 3x15 kettlebell swings
45,50,60lbs and 35KB
3x5 Working Squat SS with 3x10 Push ups
5x10 BBB Bench SS with 5x15 DB Row
45lbs & 25lb DB
3x15 Hip Thrusts
3x15 Hanging (Captain’s Chair) Leg Raises

Edit: I apologize. I accidentally hit send before everything was typed up!


Welcome! What’s your goal? Editing hopefully you’ve lurked around articles they’re full of body transforming info

Sorry see my edit! i accidentally sent that too soon and had to wait for it to be approved before i could finish adding all my info! i have lurked for a while and read a ton of articles and training logs!

Up from 90 lbs! Congrats! I’ll let the pros here evaluate your lifting routine cuz atm I’m being spoon fed my routines. Happy lifting :hugs:

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lol thanks! yea about 3 years ago i was stressed and definitely did not eat well. 90 lbs was awful. i was skin and bones. i remember when i walked into the gym i could not move a barbell. The 5 and 10 lb weights felt heavy to me. I feel so much better now. i have gain quite a bit of muscle and am loving my body. i only have a few lbs i want to shed to get back to seeing my abs more clearly.

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I was 83…bag of bones now I’m around 125. It’s a bitch to overcome but luckily you didn’t suffer long. I’m stubborn and it took me awhile to realize I was one sick pathetic…honestly there is no words to describe how sick,selfish, and especially how twisted my mind was…it was just baaaad

oof. That is rough. I was lucky. I didn’t have any problems other than i was super stressed at work and as a result I didn’t eat enough and when i did the stress caused me to throw it up. spent the last 3 years “bulking” aka eating everything i see and at least doing something in the gym 3 or 4 days a week.

Hopefully i start making better progress with this log.

And welcome to yet another girl in the forum section.
I’m in for the progress, great stuff and good numbers too.
This is a very friendly place were we share the same passion.
Jim’s stuff i awesome and it looks like a good plan.
I’m a wendler fanboy myself, and if strength is your main goal I would stick to a more OG approach. PR sets and pr’s on FSL or SSL.
But I know Jim has great success with the 5’s pro stuff.
I’ll just tag a couple of the fine ladys around here, if I forgot one please forgive me
@littlelee, @planetcybertron, @countrygirl2016, @Spock81
They all have great logs with a lot of inspiration.


In for the follow.

Awesome Thank you! Since i have not done a structured program in a bit I figured the 5’s pro would be a good introduction into it. and then use my anchor to see how I feel about pr sets.

I really like the idea of the pyramid sets with top set and last set as pr sets. But I don’t want to push that just yet.


Today is just some conditioning. Boring I know
Max Incline Walk at a speed of 4 for 30 mins.

I didn’t know I could sweat this much…

My Diet and Nutrition Plan:
Currently eating about 1500 calories a day since I am trying to shed a few lbs.
130g protein,42g Fat and 150g carbs. 35/25/40 split ish.

This should result in a nice slow half a pound per week loss.

Once i reach my aesthetic goals I will be adding 50-100 calories a week until I hit my maintenance. i plan a slow bulk from there but that should be after my current planned cycles.

My diet goals are:
75% of my carbs around my work out time.
Protein of some sort with every meal and snack
And at least 4 cups of veggies through out the day.


C1W1D3 (yesterday 04/29/2018)

3x25 Jacks
3x10 Squats
3x20 Mt. Climbers
3x5 Push ups
3x4 Box Jumps

3x5 Warm up OHP SS with 3x3 Pull ups
25,30,35 lbs
3x5 Working OHP SS with 3x3 Pull ups
40,45,50 lbs
5x5 FSL Sumo Deadlift SS with 4x3 Pull ups
135lbs (10x3 total pull ups)
3x15 Hip Thrusts
3x15 Hanging (Captain’s Chair) Leg Raises

Sumo Deadlifts felt stupid easy thankfully we are only going up from here. i dislike ohp. everything about it. I might do a cycle or 2 with it and then switch out to incline press. or do a program that drops it all together.

Conditioning. 30 mins 5% incline. 5 min walk @ 4, 20 min alternating walk and jog 2 min each @ 5&3.2, 5 min cool down walk @ 3.5.

I honestly haven’t been counting calories for the past week. i am making sure i eat enough veggies and protein with every meal. I am eating 3 times a day and having a protein shake after the gym. How ever it seems… I need to start.

Up to 141.6 today and the goal is to cut…=(

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Could be inflammation or water weight…sorry I highjacked your thread but don’t let anything get in the way of your goals. I know you let stress cause you to have eating issues. Just remember work is work, and no matter how bad it is. It is your choice to let it affect you. I’m so happy you aren’t so thin. But basically below are the ugh, ugh statements I must remind myself. I’ve always got something going on, but I am working on less drama and more fun. Take care of yourself and if you feel that you need to cut then cut, but I wouldn’t worry about the numbers on a scale, but then again I am a bit of a “dumbass”

That’s true. Since I didnt really change my diet much other that cutting some of the fats in exchange for more carbs I kind expected to see a small gain. Carbs tend to cause more water retention. Up until I decided to slow cut I have been gaining roughly half a lb per week. This seems to be on par with that. I really just need to cut portion sizes back a tad.

My husband saw this tank and had to buy for me. So funny cuz I’ve actually slept the last few days. Remember your body needs fuel

Wow, that is a big ass phone!

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Haha :rofl:

In for this

I will post a pic in about an hour or 2. Basically I only want a mini cut to keep fat gains low while I continue to grow. Just a mini cut a swear. =)

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