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Continuing Hang Cleans for Strength

All of your work thus far has brought me to a new level of strength, mobility, conditioning, and mental fortitude. For that I wanted to say thanks. I just finished the beach body challenge and fuckin loved it. Squatting 3 days a week is something I really never did before and I really did enjoy it. What the program also did was awaken my love for hang clean once again.

I want to continue to incorporate them into my program, obviously with strength in mind. I began doing the yoke program you wrote alittle over a year ago. Not only do I like the idea of building my traps, which is something I need, but the cleans are programmed in right before squats which has done me well so far.

I know in the book you’ve recommended them before squats as well. Do you find this to be the most optimal way of keeping cleans/hang cleans in the program? thanks jim