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Continuing ABBH after Layoff

thus far i have completed ABBH1 and was about 11 days into ABBH2 a little over a week ago i had to have surgery for some scarring and skin cancer spots (un-muscle related obviously) The physician has instructed me to layoff the workouts for about 2 weeks. The stress from lifting is not good for the tender healing skin. On top of that, xmas break is fast arriving and being out of town for a week will not allow me a chance to workout either So my questions are, do i workout for a week, and go off again over xmas break? or just wait till the new year to get back into the routine? With that being said, do i start back on the program where i left off? should i start 2 over again? or should i go all the way back and start at 1? Thanks for the help


I finished ABBH I and I loved it. I am on Day 15 of ABBH 2. I would say that after the 2 week layoff, you should probably re-introduce yourself to the weights for about a week by not pushing yourself too much and doing basic movements of 2x8. Then jump into ABBH 2, but starting over again on Day 1. I don’t think that a 2 week layoff is enough for you to start over again on ABBH 1. Good luck.