Continue WS4B?

So im doing WS4B for the 3rd straight week. Im ognna play college ball found out last week. Im going junior college then hopefully transfer to the big time colleges. As mentioned in a few posts im a D tackle.

   Now my question is do I continue WSB? see heres the problem. My legs are extremely dominant on my body. Friday I did 405 for 5 reps on box squats with out a problem. It felt extremly light. My bench on the other hand is that of a 14 year old girl. I can even get 225 up for 5 reps any more. I need some help here guys what should I do? continue with WSB or go to a program thats centered around the bench?


I dont know what a WS4B is but i say throw bench in on your squat days. oh and eat more! (Thats what everyone on here is gonna tell you to do lol)

what do your bench workouts consist of?

Rippenmanewone-its West Side For Skinny Bastards by Joe DeFranco

and Dpower its basically a Monday set of me working up to my max effort lift. I only technically bench once a week. The program has me doing DB variations of the bench later in the week.

Joe D has a recent post in his ‘ask Joe’ section that specifically addresses what Dave Diehl did to increase his bench…would be a good read for you.

You’ve only followed it for three weeks, yet you think you need to change it already?

You should give the program at least 12 weeks to see how it works and really bust your butt to get stronger or get more reps each workout.

This is a great off-season training program and has been shown numerous times over to increase size and strength of DeFranco’s football players.

With two upper body days and one lower body day, you should be able to maintain your leg strength and increase your upper body strength while also giving you some time to focus on some football specific training.

Nate Dogg trust me I will bust my ass off man. Ive also never given up on a program. I know these things need time and thats what ill do, give it time. Just frustrated that before the season I was able to do 225x5 easily, now i struggle with 2 reps. My bench has gone down and I expected that. But ill work harder. I think in about 2-3 weeks I should be back to what I was like before the season started.

Put your trust in the program and work hard and eat enough protein and calories for the next several weeks. Then re-evaluate things and see how it works!

Will do let you guys know how its going in a few weeks. Peace dudes thanks for the replys