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Continue Training w/ Broken Foot?

I’ve been training and fighting MMA for about 3 years now, and Friday night I broke my foot. Does anyone have any ideas how I can maintain my strength and my conditioning while I’m down?

It seems like swimming will be a must, any ideas for replacments for squats and deadlifts would be great. I’m only down for 4 to 6 weeks, but I just dont want to lose too much.

Thanks for any responses.

Keep up all the upper body stuff and just adjust the lower body stuff. Things like bench, military, dips, rows, pull-ups, etc. can all be continued. Even if you can’t do them standing, they can pretty much all be done sitting too.

As for the lower body stuff, its gonna suck compared to squats and dl’s, but you can do leg extensions, leg curls, and back extensions to name a few. Those will at least get your quads, glutes/hams, and lower back some attention…which is better than nothing.

I have had lots of broken bones in my foot for the past 3 months… So…

Single leg db deadlift
Single leg squats

for legs.

Pullups / pushups / bench / db row / shrugs for upper body work.

Good luck with the recovery.