Continue the Shoot while Incurring Test Flu?

Ive done other test cycles (CYP) etc without much pain. This time with TEST E, after the first inject 24hrs later feeling like shit.

Slight fever it seems, chills, dont feel much like eating, and jesus christ my glute is killing me, its been 3 days since my first inject. The pain is subsiding but i have a little hardness 2" above the injection site.

Im thinking i should’nt of done 500 as my first shot, in virgin muscle, Im suppose to shoot again tomorrow (every 4 days) but im just now feeling a little better, i would hate to experience this same thing again in the left glute. Maybe i just push 250? Do you think ill experience the same thing over again if I shoot the other glute or will my body be use to the tolerence?

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

What does the injection site look like? Any redness or swelling?

read the abscess sticky… you decide.