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Continue Second Week of PCT on 40 mg of Nolva?

Hey there this was my cycle

Week 1-10 400mg week Test E (200mg split injections mon&thur)
Week 3-10 Anavar ED 50 mg
Week 1-13 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (only if needed, I wouldn’t start unless symptoms)
Week 3-17 N2 Guard 2 caps am/ 2 caps pm
Week 13-17 Nolva 40/40/20/20
Week 3-10 cranberry extract

I would like to know if you guys think i should run Nolva at 40mg a second week? When im on 20mg, side effects are tolerable but when im on 40 mg a day its really tuff on my body and day. Im experiencing more side effects then on cycle.

Your body is telling you the answer you need. You can tolerate 20mg so you should be taking 20mg. I have never taken more than 20mg/day for pct.

With pct you’re probably going to need to run it for more weeks, base it on how you recover, rather than a set number of weeks. If you still have weak boners, low sex drive you need more time.

Just curious but can you explain the side effects? I’m on 40mg nolva for the 4th week and feel a little different but not sure if it’s the nolva. Thanks

My sides are ,Extreme fatigue, weakness,mood swings i get angry very easily and stressed.

Ive havent had any weak boners on my cycle or on my PCT only sexual side i am experiencing is interest in sex or getting turned on. But if i engage in sexual acts my boners are rock solid. Its a weird experience.

Part of it could also be your body and mind readjusting. How many cycles have you ran?

Did you run your Aromasin in weeks 10-13 frequently?

Both times I have run my PCT, I feel a little down, worried about losing what I’ve gained, slightly less motivated. But push through knowing that you’ll feel normal again soon.

I’ve just accepted I’ll feel crappy during PCT and I try to look at before and after photos to keep me motivated and working hard.

This was my first cycle, and i took Aromasin once betwween week 10-13. My other problem is i will be leaving the country on 4 th week of PCT and not sure if i will skip the last week. Which is why i wantedto keep second week at 40 mg. My diet is solid right now and im more dedicated to the gum then i have ever been