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Continue Cutting?


I was 220 pounds and decided to cutt, after 90 days i'm 189 pounds (5,8 ft.) i don't know if i cut more or start bulking, my current training program is stronglifts 5x5.
can you give me some tips?
thank you!


I don't think you need to do anymore cutting.

I think you are at a perfect position to "lean bulk".

I say "lean bulk" because i call it "just being normal"

Lift your weights, eat enough, but if you are gaining more than 0.5/1lb of weight per week, then start regulating(eating slightly less, or adding 20 mins of cardio x 3 times a week).

With that type of scheme, the 'cutting' you will need to by the beginning of summer will be easy and minimal.

However, it comes down to your purpose.

What purpose would further cutting serve? Whats your goal?


What are your goals, what do you want to do?

Like Claudan said, you're in a pretty good spot right now, so you could go either direction depending on how you approach it.

If you want to make the push for major leanness, dial in your nutrition and training for maximum muscle preservation and go for it.

If you want to put on size, consider a bit of "damage control" cardio along the way and go for slow and steady gains.


I want to get bigger and improve my lifts (bench squat deadlift) while i keep my body as lean as posible


Okay, that is a very good goal.

Do you have a program in place, or are you considering any specific program?

The programs are going to differ, but as long as you put in honesty and hard work, the results from ProgramA or ProgramB will be very similar.

So besides being a program/training protocol you like, then the only other thing in order to combine building muscle + gaining minimum amount of fat will be dependent on your nutrition.

You have to gain some fat with your muscle, that's just how it works, but you can definitely, definitely keep the fat to a minimum, and basically have a low body-fat while still gaining muscle.

Here is a good start on how to get that done. Keep in mind, I don't personally count calories because I prefer using the mirror as an estimate to whether or not I'm eating too much, or too little.


I'm following the stronglifts 5x5 and I'm not taking supplements but I have creatine and whey. Do you recomend me doing what? Changing my diet?


I don't know if you need to change your diet because I don't know what your diet is like.

What I was trying to say is that video is a great resource so you can figure out everything you need to know in order to gain muscle while minimizing fat-gain.